Rowing home

After 2 successful Atlantic crossings it’s finally time to row home so on January 26th (Australia Day) I will set off from Wilsons Promontory bound for my hometown of Hobart. I will be joined by fellow Aussie adventurers Clark Carter and Ben Turner on Ben’s ocean rowing boat, which is similar to the boat I rowed in the 2007 Atlantic Rowing Race. We will also be accompanied by Peter Wells in his kayak as we cross the Bass Strait. We will rendezvous with Pete on islands in the Furneaux Group at the end of each day for a few hours rest. He will then leave the expedition on the northern coast of Tasmania and Ben, Clark and I will continue non-stop down the east coast, taking it in turns to row 24hrs a day until we reach Hobart.

l-r Pete, Ben and Clark

We still need assistance procuring some of our provisions and equipment and can offer attractive sponsorship packages to businesses who are interested in working with us. We also need help with land support, including someone who is available from the 24th of January to the 5th of February to help drive gear down from Sydney, see us off and collect Pete in northern Tasmania. For further details please get in touch.

If you missed Ben’s interview on Weekend Today on Channel 9 yesterday you can catch me on Not the Footy Show – available to download as a podcast from Thursday onwards.

Thank you to everyone for their ongoing support and continued interest in my increasingly daring endeavors! I will be updating my website and Twitter regularly throughout the expedition. Check back soon for the more news.

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