News Release – 03.03.11 – ‘Margaret Bowling sets new World Record – first and only Oz woman to row an ocean’

Margaret Bowling & Big Blue Row – News Release – 03.03.11

Spot the Aussie! Margaret Bowling (back row, 3rd in on left) is 1 of 16 international rowers on ‘Big Blue’ – the world’s first ocean rowing Catamaran.

On 15th January 2011 Margaret Bowling (Australian) officially set off from Morocco with 15 other rowers aboard ‘Big Blue’ in a bid to set a World Record – to row the Atlantic Ocean (East to West) in record time.

As a crew, ‘Big Blue’ had aimed to thrash the 33 day World speed record for rowing the Atlantic however just days in they were knocked off course by poor weather and ended up on sea anchor. The crew then had a second blow when a UK rowing crew, in a more traditional ocean rowing boat (single hull), broke the 33 day record by 2 days – rowing it in just 31 days and setting a new speed record.

Margaret and her team are due to finish their row on Friday 4th March. The crew will have been rowing for approximately 49 days and will have drastically missed out on their dream of setting a new World speed record.

The good news is that for Margaret, she finally realizes her goal – to be the first and only Australian woman on the whole planet to ever row an ocean. The boat ‘Big Blue’ will also make its own history – the first Catamaran to be rowed across the Atlantic.

With just 95 miles left to row, Margaret Bowling has phoned in to land on her Sat phone and says:

“At last I have just about succeeded at my dream of becoming the first Aussie woman on the planet to row an ocean. I am happy that this time it will be an official World Record. I was so disappointed in 2007/8, when I first rowed the Atlantic, but missed out on the official record due to requiring assistance, during the row, for boat mechanic.”

Margaret continues:

“However it is not over yet and I am keeping myself strong and motivated – I just see gold ahead of me. I have already planned on what I’ll be wearing as I cross the finish line – yellow and green will be the theme of course! Throughout the row I have kept in mind my homeland Australia. Thanks everyone for their support with my fundraising for the Flood Relief fund.”

Listen to Margaret’s latest Audio blog at:

Margaret and the ‘Big Blue’ team are due to arrive at Port St. Charles, Barbados on Friday 4th March 2011. They will have rowed nearly 3500 miles in total from their starting point in Morocco.

Margaret will then be in Australia from 13th to 29th March and will be available for speaking engagements.


Notes to Editor:

Phone Margaret DIRECTLY for an interview.

To speak with Margaret directly you may call her Sat phone on 881631589486 alternatively message her for FREE (to arrange an interview time), via (160 character message for free).

Backup phone number:

If you can’t get through on the sat phone then please call Kelly Saxberg (land support team in Barbados) who will be on land with Margaret in Barbados.

Direct line to Kelly in Barbados in her apartment: 001 246 439 2822

Kelly Cell: 001 246 829 3821

For further information / photos please contact Amy Green on

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