4 thoughts on “Audio Post

  1. Sorry to hear that you are getting hungry. Charlie is one of the older guys, suggest you eat him first, although he might be a bit chewy and tough due to age. He is a good soul, will most likely donate himself! We know you will make it, it’s been pretty exciting for all of us following this trip, you are all exceptional individuals, doing the same insane thing together, bravo!!!

  2. Thank you for the audio updates, Margaret. Please give Louise and the entire crew our best for a safe and excellent row! We are enjoying keeping track of your progress from way up here in Alaska. Keep your spirits and strength up. Much love from Jennifer & Paul

  3. Sorry you are hungry. I have been on a diet, so know the feeling, but have to admit I have not been rowing as well, so I suspect it is not a level playing field! Good luck for the last bit Margaret. With love from Ruth, Chris and the girls. xxx

  4. Amazing, I jknow what it’s like to be that hungry and it’s not fun. Although it will make Barbados all the more amazing when you arrive. Charge a burger to my credit card when you get in. Big hugs as you enter the last week – 10 days of the trip. GOGOGO!

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