January 29th Update from Big Blue

Received from Janet McLeod 29/1. Transmission by sat. phones are challenging and I could hear the wind that they were dealing with over the line. They’ve not had any favourable weather thus far and this is impeding their progress. At this point they were expecting to experience the trade winds to help propel them forward, but so far no such luck. Today they are in 15 (or 50) knot winds, mainly headwinds. However, although not what they expected, the crew is for the most part remaining positive, great friendships are being forged, no significant physical problems. The boat is comfortable and roomy, except when they are on sea anchor and all have to fit into the cabin. They are still planning to continue to the Barbados.

3 thoughts on “January 29th Update from Big Blue

  1. All day rainbows have been stretched across the ocean ! Couldnt be more stunning.
    In magnificent turquoise sea skies above , with each flap of the bird’s wing i can see Charlie taking a stroke with the oar…
    …flap, flap, flap….Calm seas , best breeze…..
    May you get on the trade winds you are hoping for…
    I talk about big blue row to many I meet.By coincidence the other day I was speaking of you and happened to meet Margret’s childhood buddy! So Margret , Freni Waidelich sends her warmest regards and is cheering you on from Victoria BC!
    -Rhonda Kara ( Charlie’s pal)

  2. Although this may seem odd, please seriously consider tacking on your row, no headwind courses within 15-degrees of dead-on, usually there’s a favorable tack so take it long and the back short or just get pushed slowly away for the gain in speed.

    May the winds have changed by the time you get this !!! Rock on !!!

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