9 thoughts on “Audio Post

  1. Fantastic … no worries about not hearing, the press let us know you’re knocking off records so whatever, flying fish for dinner?



  2. Brilliant to hear from you. Loving the audio blogs so much better than the normal written ones. Sounds like a great trip already. Looking forward to the catchups.
    Chris x

  3. Great hearing from you Margaret. I too have missed the daily audio blogs. So thanks for getting me up to speed. Continuing to think about and pray for the good crew of Big Blue. May your spirits remain high, your muscles quick to recover and the currents in your favour. Go GET EM BIG BLUE!!! Give a special hello to Steve and Nigel and let them know that the maple sap will soon be running and spring cycling is just around the corner. Stay strong and row hard!!

    From Windsor ON


  4. GO BIG BLUE !
    May the weather gods and goddesses be with you and provide the best conditions ever.
    Love to all from sunny and cold Toronto. Luisa

  5. Hi Tom
    All the best for you and the crew ! We try to track where you are, may the sea currents carry you to barbados! You should be northeast of Cape Verde? Go on, big Blue!
    Greetings to all from cold Switzerland. Patrick

  6. Hi Margaret and crew from all of us on King Island. Keep rowing and beat the record EASY!! whether you win or loose it will be a fantastic experience for all.
    Love Joc. David and family

  7. Lovely to hear your voice and look forward to having you for breakfast at Meherabad when you get back and telling us all the high points. You may be the first person spending Amartithi in His hands in a row boat on the Atlantic.
    Tight hugs,
    Ted and Janet xxoo

  8. Very glad to get some news, glad you are having a great time as well as getting some great times! Lots of love, Sally in the cold and frozen wastes of t’North

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