Big Blue leaves Tarfaya

Big Blue left Tarfaya at about 8PM GMT on 15th January. They are on their way to the record. They are moving at 4.7 to 5.1 knots at the moment. They dumped about 1000 pounds (weight) worth of stuff and there are some very happy locals. They dumped tools and stainless hardware that they did not need and lots of the heavy drink mix that was on the boat. Angela is confident there is plenty of food on board for the whole crew. She has always been right on with food on her other 3 rows. The quick return to the sea hopefully will keep them all from getting sea sick again.

5 thoughts on “Big Blue leaves Tarfaya

  1. Wow that is pretty darn speedy. Can’t believe there was 500 kgs of stuff to leave behind. Awesome speed though. Can’t wait to see how the trip shapes up. Go Go Go!

  2. Staring out at the ocean here, and ALL i see is BIG BLUE and all of YOU!!
    May the stars shine bright, the dolphins delight. Glued to these posts…xoxo

  3. Good luck, safe travels and may the elements be on your side. Stay strong in the body and mind- You can do it!

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