6 thoughts on “Audio Post

  1. Way to go all!
    From your post I am not quite clear as to how many are rowing at any given time. Is it 4 on each side?
    Luisa ( Tom’s Partner )

  2. Hi Crew
    Hope your all well and eager for that record. Please make it, since we have made our reservations in Barbados… Most importantly stay safe.
    grace koenig
    ps hi liz

  3. hi, we are listening to you, having a bit of trouble understanding Australian!
    we don´t speak that language.
    Hope you will sort out your troubles and be off to Barbados soonest!
    Hals und Beinbruch, like the Germans say!

  4. Hi Margaret,
    keeping up with your news, whilst we cozy down in front of the fire. We will miss you at the Christening of Edward tommorow, but will be thinking of you. Our best wishes to you and all your fellow crewmembers. Sailing on the esturies of the English east coast was always enough for me and rowing on the Serpentine. When I need to feel brave about anything I will think of you on that vast ocean

    x jan & Peter

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