And we’re on the move

We left at 8am this morning and are making slow progress through sluggish water as we hug the Moroccan coastline. I’ve been rowing all day with Sylvain and Ryan. David the engineer should have been rowing with us but was still making last minute tweaks to thing as we went today. Had lots of fun rowing with the boys. Very tired but good to be back out here. Body holding up well and each shift has been consistent. Nice rowing with people who have many years river rowing experience. Must dash, have a pack of beef jerky to get through.
Don’t forget to donate time or money to the QLD flood relief effort.

12 thoughts on “And we’re on the move

  1. You are a lucky girl to be rowing with Sylvain. He is one of my favourite people in the world, my BFF 🙂 Never met anybody as dedicated and devoted as him. Wishing you lots of smooth waters.

  2. Hi Crew
    How many hours a day will you have spot operating? My best to all of you. Margaret, the second time is the charm. thought and prayers are with you guys. rocexpedition has now hit the news. Pix is waiting for end results.. LETS DO IT….. GRACE KOENIG

  3. Hi, we met at the marina of Agadir last sunday. You explain me you expedition and I find this very exiting . I was yesterday evening at the marina and saw that Big bleu leaves the port !!! I wish all of you m’y best wishes for you expedition. CAN we follow you live ??? Is somebody of you on Facebook ??

  4. I wish all of you a great row! Be assured my kid brother will not let you down! Tom is an amazing person.
    Will be glued to the computer for 33 days!
    Regula from Mexico

  5. So very grateful for these updates. Checking in many times a day ! We are here on the shores of Pacific, Canada and praying for you every day..Send my love to Charlie and all his new best mates!! Row your dream into shore….Rhonda

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