Getting our ocean rowing boat in the water

Yesterday we finally got the boat out of the yard and onto the water and rowed it around the point to the marina where we are now moored up. The boat is sitting lower in the water than expected which is causing concern to some of the crew, as is the threat from the marina captain that 35-40 knot winds will arrive later today and prevent us from leaving for a couple of days. But there’s nothing that the weather Gods and starting to eat our rations once we’re on the water won’t fix.
The team are really fantastic and we have some incredibly talented individuals here who are helping us make a multitude of last minute fixes and necessary arrangements to get us ready to leave. I think some of the team are feeling a bit frustrated at how long its taking to start but it wouldn’t be a proper ocean row without a good scramble in those last few days before you leave.

One thought on “Getting our ocean rowing boat in the water

  1. None of my best adventures started too well, so, you’re doing just fine!!!
    Best to all the crew & shore help

    And, may the wind stay until,
    you pass, down a beautiful shore,
    to turn west, ahoy, what there?
    An ocean opens to you more!

    cheers, tom

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