1. Margaret, nice job! Just found your website, great expeditions & boats.

    My interest is that I’ve designs for prop driven human-powered craft, recumbent & upright cycling positions for open-ocean voyaging, these intended to use wind but rigged with kites for power from a short launch-retrieve mast, ballasted to self-right & all. Do you work with anyone that may be interested in developing these?

    Best in 2011 to all,

  2. Margaret it looks amazing!
    What a craft. I’m really excited for you and very keen to hear about it all. It sounds really special. Under a month, go for it. Can’t wait for the start on Saturday! Weather seems to be shaping up nicely.
    Other blog watchers can do a bit of weather spotting on Ocean Weather website

  3. You’re a dark horse Margaret!!

    Good luck with the row I hope it goes well for you and the crew. We all look forward to following your crossing and reading the blogs.
    Sara G left this afternoon so you will now have a target to aim for!!

    All the best
    Cris and all at Rossiters

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