On Christmas Eve I received an email saying simply “do you still want to row?” Over the course of the skipper’s seemingly endless and very fraught week-long journey through New York blizzards and via Casablanca (which resulted in a loss of power to all of her communications equipment) I finally realised that the offer of a seat on the 16-man Atlantic Ocean rowing speed record attempt crew departing from Morocco on the 8th of January was for real and so of course I said yes. Having failed to gain an official record as first Australian woman to row an ocean in 2007/2008 when we were assisted I figured it’s high time I gave it another go! The skipper, Angela Madsen, was amongst my oppo in the last race. She has since become a good friend and I couldn’t think of anyone better to be on a boat with. We’ll be joined by a largely North American crew so if I end up with some sort of weird Aussie/Brit/Yankee accent you can blame them (at least in part). I will keep you all updated on progress as I go along. So far my friends have really stepped up to the plate and the support has been absolutely incredible. I know it will continue throughout the journey and I couldn’t do it without the countless people who are rallying around helping me get ready. Thank you to all of them.

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